Doug Tallamy
“Charlotte’s Crossing is not just a balanced, well-researched discourse on the value of native plants and the challenges of transitioning to them, although it certainly is that. This is a real novel, with human-interest plots and subplots; witty, laugh-out-loud dialogue; a healthy dollop of parental wisdom; and character development so real that you will wonder if it’s autobiographical. But, most of all, this is a deeply touching love story.  One of my all-time favorite books!”   

Dr. Tallamy is the premier voice of the native plant movement in America today. His first book, Bringing Nature Home, awakened thousands of readers to the alarming decline of wildlife in America, while at the same time offering a simple, hopeful solution—plant native species in your yard! His subsequent books, Nature’s Best Hope, The Nature of Oaks and The Living Landscape continue to broaden his influence. In addition, his “Homegrown National Park” project is challenging North Americans to restore 20,000,000 acres of our yards to life-sustaining native vegetation. To get on the map, go to

Julie Christianson Stivers 
“Charlotte’s Crossing is a stirring call-to-arms about plants and climate change, wrapped in a cracking good story with all the essential elements: life, death, romance, humor, wildflowers. Fans of field guides as well as readers on the beach will find it both engrossing and enlightening.”

Stivers is the author of Emma Jane Cole: A Biographical Sketch celebrating the life of one of Michigan’s earliest and most noted native plant curators. Stivers has also written The Presence of the Past: The Public Museum of Grand Rapids at 150 and GVSU: The First 50 Years. She is perhaps best known as the co-founder and former editor of the popular and indispensable magazine, On The Town.

Jessie Schulte
“Marty Arnold paints a picture of natural beauty and weaves it through the everyday hardships of love and family. Charlotte fights heroically to ban the sale of invasive plants by the powerful, unregulated horticultural industry—This is my fantasy. I applaud Arnold for her eloquently written story of the real-life struggles of those who deeply care about restoring our fragmented natural resources. You won’t want to miss the cardinal flowers blooming and fireflies ‘dancing among their sister stars.’ Marty Arnold will have you wanting to know the name of every leaf and twig and flower.”

Jessie Schulte is District Manager of the Kent Conservation District in West Michigan. Her life’s work has been to control invasive species in seven states and three National Parks. She is a tireless educator and advocate for the protection of our natural resources.

Esther Durnwald
“The author cleverly layers a heartfelt love story with the science of native plants. Charlotte’s Crossing is a call to action to educate ourselves about the value of native plants and rethink how we landscape and garden today. A winning combination and very enjoyable read.”   

Esther Durnwald is co-owner of Michigan Wildflower Farm in Portland, Michigan where she produces seeds of Michigan genotype wildflower and grass species. She consults with customers on site preparation, installation and land management and is a dedicated advocate for the use of native plants in the landscape.