My short, PG-13 make-out scene between Caroline and Neil in Chapter 31 (“What Makes the Heart Sing”) was one of the strangest writing assignments I’ve ever taken on. My husband was all for a quick home-run for Neil on this their first real date. But I felt compelled to defended Caroline’s honor, because: A: she would have been way too nervous for open air love-making, and B. I don’t think I could write it – at least not for an audience.

This was confirmed when my 30-something daughter, Leah Arnold-Redman, read a draft of the book a couple of years ago. Here’s what she said,

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. It’s appropriate that Mother’s Day is today though because in the wee hours of this morning I finished your book! I laughed, I certainly cried and I loved more than anything getting a very special insight into your wonderful brain. Despite the horror of having to read a sex scene written by my mother, I enjoyed it very much. For the last 1/4 I could not put it down.”

“Horror,” she said. Horror! Honestly, I don’t know how other authors write steamy love scenes? (Do they not have children?)